Deck 2 Platter Will Not Respond to Touch

I just received my prime 2 today. I noticed that the right deck don’t go on vinyl mode. I have the button on but I can’t scratch on it. 1 deck no issues only second. I took off the plastic that came with it. Is there anyway I can reset? Everything seem to work on it. Only thing it does go to pitch bend with vinyl on or off. It don’t seem defeated? Need help Thanks

Same issue as others had: bad grounding of outlets.

So you’re saying one particular deck on your Prime 2 doesn’t ever trigger touch on the jog even when vinyl mode is ON?

No problems here, after months of use.:relieved:

Which firmware does it run now?

Well as far for firmware is the one that the prime 2 came with think is 1.41. There no way to get one. Seem like the touch patter might be defeated. When touching it. I don’t get nothing. I’ll just return it an get another

Yeah best is to go to the reseller. Let them figure it out with support.

Yeah cause seem more internal issue, second deck right patter has no response. It a bummer but what can we do it happen.

Just to follow up here, I’ve been working with @Steven.V via PM. Unfortunately his issue is hardware related. He’s working with dealer for replacement and I’ve informed our team of the issue.


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