Database Size: How large can it get?

Hi All,

I read in the manual that there is a 100,000 track limit in the Engine Prime/OS database. I imported my Serato Library to Engine prime and my track count is now at 153,812, with the database coming in at 28GB. Since I’ve obviously went way passed the limit stated in the manual, how large can it get? I foresee myself continuing to collect music as needed for whatever gig situation I’m in. On the flip side, the database is so large that searching anything takes 10-15 seconds before getting any results. In a gig situation that can be a huge issue.

What are you guys with huge collections doing to manage it? What is Denon DJ doing to address the slow search performance in large databases? Is it even worth the time since everything’s going the streaming route?

Thanks for any feedback and/or advice!

DJ MaveWave

What the manual says about 100,000 isn’t a limit or a hard ceiling, it’s just a suggested size for good searching speeds etc

Searching speed is slow at 60k library size

I think less than 40/50k may be the real life optimal size for snappy searching

It’s much faster to search for track online than to pull it from local library.

I don’t have any answers for the 150k library - perhaps you should use continue to use Serato for gigs that you need the 150k and then standalone for simpler gigs.

I know I would have not analyzed the whole library, just the core of it, crates and playlists that I use regulary. That would probably save a lot of database size and improve performance while still allowing for file searching.

When I got my Prime 4 last year, I started storing everything in Engine Prime. I migrated iTunes, CD rips, BPM supreme downloads, etc. My library grew every month. What’s the point of being able to attach any size drive to the Prime players if it can’t handle it after a certain point?

My frustration is due to putting years with of time into organizing & maintaining my library on Engine and it now struggles with simple searches.

At this point, I think I might just rely on streaming services as my primary source. Maybe that’s Denondj’s plan!

Who knows?

I hear you.

Is it all audio files? Do you have mp4 videos as well?

Good tip, some also make a separate USB stick based on their play history spanning say last 10 years. The bulk library can be on the installed SSD, whilst gigs are done with USB drives.