Database management

How can you find and delete missing tracks from the database. I use other external software packages to correct / manipulate filenames and tags.

This is a feature request that is not yet implemented: At present, there are several work arounds to deal with missing tracks.

  1. Visually locate those files and delete them from the collection. There is no way to sort to find them.
  2. If you moved a whole folder of files, you could open the SQLite database and edit the path and fileName fields in the track table of the \Engine Library\Database2\m.db database (assuming you are on EDJ version 2+). Do that with SQLite knowledge, backups and great care.
  3. Use a third-party software such as Lexicon DJ Library Management or the Denon Conversion Utility for macOS.

I could not find a field in the track table that would indicate a track is missing. There is an isavailable field, but it seems to have no correlation.

You can update ID3 tags edited in other software by right-click on the track or selected tracks in EDJ and choose re-import track information in the menu. Be aware, it won’t update a track open in the play/beat grid edit window.