Database empty after 4.0 update

I updated the Engine DJ software to version 4.0, and now I have no tracks in my database, but the playlists are still there, albeit empty. The only track that exists in the collection is one I used from Tidal. All the work I put into tagging, sorting, analysing, and beat gridding 15k tracks is lost.

I attempted a restore from backup, the database is still empty.

Why is this aspect of Engine DJ so weak?

Do you store your music in an external volume?

No. The music folder, the library and the database are all on my internal PC hard drives.

Alright, I managed to resolve the problem. Engine DJ makes a copy of the database on one of my other internal hard drives. I copied that back into the Database 2 folder and all the tracks were there and in the playlists again, but all were “missing” (showing red). Fortunately, Autorelocate found them (one of the few times it has worked!).

Thanks for the reply, it inspired me to have a look at my other internal drives though!

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