Database backup does not backup data from a mounted non-primary volume. Restore is therefore not possible

Hi EDJ engineers, QA I have been doing some work looking at the databases used for the software with respect to being able to relocate music if the folder has changed and also if the volume has changed. In doing so, I have found what I believe could be quite a dangerous bug / feature (?) which some people may have encountered and not known what the issue is.

The problem is thus: When a user backs up their data, whether this be via the on-demand feature or by the automated scheduled feature, Engine DJ backs up the database that is located on their primary drive. However, EDJ does NOT perform the same action on any alternate volumes.

Therefore, any database corruption that occurs on a non-primary drive will not be fixable by reverting to a backup as this ONLY affects music sourced from the primary drive.

Can you please give some indication if you are looking at this issue along with the facility to relocate missing tracks both on the primary drive and also on any other drives?

Thanks in advance.


Rich, I raised this with them several months ago with no answer. I was doing at the time, exactly what you are doing

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Thats wierd, I made a backup of my external just last week without any issues. Perhaps just manually make a copy (and rename it accordingly) of the database on those drives for the meantime.

this is a well known ignored issue

Holy smokes. Who is their product owner ??!

Came to bump this thread given that this is still an issue in 2024. Seems that the only solution for users who have their collection on an external storage medium is to use other backup processes / software and not rely on Engine DJ at all for any backup functions.


Also makes me wonder if the “Library Optimization” (Database Cleanup / Pragma Optimize) does anything on external storage as well.

I see the light on my SSD blinking, something is happening when I run the clean up.

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My SSD has no such lights :joy:. I could have checked the file stamp but didn’t think until your reply :joy:

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I have a 2tb ssd which is my main/source collection

i also have a 500gb ssd which is the one i use for performance.

If i have both ssd connected to laptop and run the clean up, they both start blinking. :crazy_face:

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hell to the yes. Thank you <3

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