DanceFair 2017 - A reminder

Howdy folks,

While in no way affiliated with them, I thought I’d remind folks in The Netherlands (and perhaps northern part of Belgium and western part of Germany) of the DanceFair in Utrecht, The Netherlands (smack in the middle) this weekend.

It combines gear show - I saw Denon DJ on the vendor list, so hoping to get some hands-on on the Prime Series :heart_eyes: - with lots of workshops for both DJs and producers, a very good system for dropping your tracks with labels if you are a producer and a chance to meet some industry people. Some big names like Armin and Hardwell have done in-depth workshops for example. Forum discussions with experienced guys on stage.

Good fun.

So, if you are within range and have no other pressing plans, I can highly recommend a visit on saturday or sunday, or both of course.

Ouch! :astonished: That would have been nice, damn… Totally missed this was coming. I don’t have time (and I’m not prepared either with tracks at the moment) but yes I would have LOVED to see the Prime rig up close. And meet some people…

Last year, Denon had D-Ramirez on the 8000 here right??

I recall seeing him there, yes :smiley:

Are you Dutch DJ Vintage ? :thinking: You’re the same Vintage as on DDJT’s right? For some (stupid) reason I assumed you are from the UK… :thinking:

Yep, that’s me.

And no, 100% Dutch, born and raised :sunny:

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PLUS… Laidback Luke will be doing an SC5000 Masterclass at Dancefair, this Sunday (at ‘Next Level’ room) coming around 15.00 hrs - and if you guys check the Denon DJ Facebook page a bit later today, we’re giving away 2 Free Sunday (only) Dancefair Tickets!!

And also to confirm, there will be Prime Series units at the Denon DJ booth to check out :sunglasses:


AH, nice one Vintage :wink:

Ouch Paul - Tempting… (thinking about rescheduling the weekend… Hmmm… Braincrash…)

Was contemplating either saturday or sunday, but the dice has been thrown. Sunday it is!

I need to reserve a seat for that Masterclass :slight_smile:

And happy to hear there WILL be Prime gear available. Yeehaw!

It’s official! Just booked my ticket for sunday (since I never win anything anyway …).

LBL on SC5000 starts at 15:30. C U All there :sunglasses:

Check that start time Vintage - there seems to be a bit of confusion (15.00 . . 15.15 etc…)

I stand corrected. The program is a bit confusing. Upon closer examination it does indeed appear to be from 15:15-16:00. My apologies for wrong info earlier. This is still based on the time line. When clicked the info box still only reports more info coming soon.

No apologies necessary dude… I was just making sure you didn’t turn up late and miss anything :slight_smile:

A big thank you to Paul, Ross and all the other guys from Denon at the Dancefair for their hospitality!

A warm welcome and extensive presentation of the new Prime gear.

Short 1st impression? This stuff is Da Bomb!

Went to see Laidback Luke’s masterclass. He seems genuinely happy about working with the Prime gear. He stated that in a week he will only work with Denon Prime gear anymore. That’s what I call “change your rider”!

The guys at Denon really impressed me with their openness to ideas and suggestions and they do display a drive to create great DJ gear.

And yes, I opened my piggy bank for donations when I got home, breached the subject with my wife … “Honey, remember how I said that buying the MCX8000 would be my last big DJ gear purchase? Well …” :slight_smile: and wrote october 1st in my calendar as purchase date (old coaching trick).

Now, time to get some more gigs and fill that piggy bank. ;-).


Good to see you again Chuck - and I’m glad you got to meet the team and offer your valued feedback too