Custom Sound Effects


I am new here and thinking of switching to Denon based on their new gear, I have not used stand alone consoles or CDJs before, I play a lot of reggae and dancehall music on my current controller I can the sample bank to add the effects I want to use e.g horns etc, I cannot readily see this option on the CDj’s or is this a feature within the software?

Can someone help with this thanks in advance.

What’s up @Kinsotojin and welcome to the forum,

Sample Banks aren’t currently featured on Denon Prime equipment when playing stand alone. You will have it if you use the Prime equipment with Serato or a similar software. Denon DJ’s Engine Prime software is music management only, not an active DJing software like Serato DJ Pro or Rekordbox.

Hello @Kinsotojin, The samples are just an adding in the program, this is not a build in option in normal full size dj setups. You can use any external sampler with Denon dj Prime set. For example a akai mpc or mpx will do the job for You. You can also use an external effect unit with build in sampler like korg kaosspad 3 or boss sp-404. This will give You more effects and sample options via Send/Return.

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Or you can have your horns and sound effects on a track and use the hot pads on any spare layer


Not a feature in the software or hardware, but…

Put for example 8 different soundeffects on one (1) mp3/ track and put a Hotcue on each soundeffects.

Then load this mp3/ track on to one of the unused layers… Then you kinda have a samplebank.


Thanks guys that is helpful