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After transferring all my music to internal SSD and installing custom logo, my album cover doesn’t display anymore. My custom logo is on every track even ones with album cover. Is this a glitch? Does anyone have a solution to get album art back on display when available?? Thanks for any help.

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This is by design. Don’t use your own logo if you want to see the album art. There is no other way, yet.

Please like request below:

Logo.png options to be added within preferences

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Funny thing is when I used custom logo on same SSD with FAT32 using usb it would only show custom logo on tracks missing artwork but on tracks with artwork it would display it :thinking:

Hi @DJ_Hitek, thanks for posting. The custom logo function works in an ‘all or nothing’ kind of way: when the LOGO.png file is on your drive, it will override all album artwork, missing or not. When the LOGO.png file is not on the drive, album artwork shows up as normal (unless the artwork is missing).

I’d follow @Reese’s advice and like the feature request that has already been submitted.

Ok will do. Thanks

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@DJ_Hitek Two more ideas you should look at; don’t forget to like the original post (not here) to vote for whatever you like to see implemented :slight_smile: :