Custom logo won’t load

Hi all, I created a logo, saved @ 600x600 pixels and as a png named logo.png. I’ve tried saving in the root of both my hdd and usb and also the engine library in both but it still Doesn’t appear on the jogs… any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheer

Seems like you have all the steps already you can’t go wrong.

Just to be sure because it’s something easy to miss as many people can’t even see the full real file name, but some programs will save with the png in all upper case. I’m pretty sure being Linux based there’s a chance the Engine OS is case sensitive.

Probably not it but it came to mind as worth a mention. Otherwise, I’d ping support.

Make sure that your file tree or file browser is showing you the full file name including the extension, which is the letters after the dot.

You may accidentally have your logo file saved as logo.png.png , which the player won’t recognise as a logo file because it’s looking for logo.png not logo.png.png