Custom Lightshows with Soundswitch without Mixer

Hey All,

This is a noob question and maybe obvious. I have designed custom lightshows in Soundswitch and would like Engine DJ to play them. I do not have any auxiliary mixer and just have a laptop as I am more of a new lighting enthusiast

Is there anyway I can use Engine DJ to use my custom light shows just by hitting play on my laptop. Or do I require a certain mixer to do so? And if this is possible what could I be doing wrong if my Soundswith and engine DJ is linked.

Cheers Liam

I export the file to my Denon Prime 4 and with the DMX interface cable that costs about €35 you don’t need a computer, it works very well, you connect it to the table and to the spotlights and if you have created the autoscripts they will look great, if not, with autoloops too. With Soundswich’s three-month trial, you have plenty of time to do it…and leave your computer at home.

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As i do understand you don´t have any Denon Hardware and you want to play from your laptop with the Software engine DJ. In Engine DJ you can not use soundswitch. You can press play in Soundswitch for a certain track and than see the lightshow if you have connected the soundswitch dongle. However, you have to trigger every song manually.

Other ways would be to use Serato or Virtual DJ as DJ programm. You create first a Serato or VDJ create and anlayse the tracks. Than go to SS and create the custom lightshow for these files from Serato or VDJ.

Go in Performance mode, select the DJ program that you are using (not engine DJ, as i mentioned not supported). In there you have also the option to control the digital upfaders for the respective Layer you play in the software. If you play from Deck 1, you have to turn down all the other digital upfaders.