Custom Hybrid Tone


Post 19 Jan 2013 08:09

Something i thought I would suggest for the 3900 midi hybrid mode improvements.

One drawback with Traktor is that hybrid mode does not use the exact same time code that Traktor provides. I believe this is a licensing issue between Traktor & Denon. A potential way around this is actually some what simple if denon can implement this is a firmware update.

My idea would be to have the 3900 have a “user loadable custom hybrid code”. Basically owner would be able to load an mp3 copy of whatever time code signal they choose. This would probably make traktor integration a bit tighter and also open up any future software or changes in timecode.

Another alternative to this is to simply activate midi hybrid mode but instead of taking the internal timecode signal have it take the signal from the CD drive. This would provide the same benefit as the above.

Hopefully this is something denon will consider.

DENON 30 Jan 2013 06:41

Hi Troy, as always thanks for your suggestion.

However, its not possible. The deck would need 15min of internal memory to load to, it only has some sec of buffer memory But before that, Traktor would never license their timecode.

NI should simply support our MIDI mode and then nothing is required from us or them, just map it to work as is.

Hybrid mode was created for those who will not support our MIDI mode. It was created to support you + them.