Cueing Music & Sound Effects


I have two questions. This maybe a setting I need to change on my Denon Dj Prime 4. How can I Cue and listen to my cued music where it doesn’t play in my live mix? Second is there a software or music pack I can install to get some traditional sound effects like the Sirens and Foghorns?

I am not sure I understand, but if I do; I’d lower the upfader for the deck, press the little cue button above it and now listen to the track in the headphones, playing with it and setting cues. Is this what you are after?

As for additional sound effects, I presume you mean FX. I do not believe you can get additional ones. There may be more coming with a firmware update, but nobody knows for sure. If there is a crucial FX that you are missing, make a feature request and hope that enough people vote for it to get the attention of the devs.


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These are samples, not effects…

Cueing is covered in the manual, but is standard across DJ gear anyway.

Sirens and foghorns are sounds (samples) not effects. There are numerous sample packs/banks available for download online.

Connect to channel 4 Sampler, e.g. Akai Mpx 16 and enjoy the sirens :slight_smile:

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