Cue quantizing

Is there some way of making the CUE button also respect the quantize?

If you have sync and quantize turned on and you press Pause/Play it will start on the downbeat. I have a habit of pressing cue several times before I hit the play button. When you press cue, its not quantized so sync stops and flashes.

Is there a way to have cue also quantize like the pause/play button?


I have no solution for this but I can assume you can try to set the sync parameter to Bars insteed of Beats.

I don’t understand why you’d need the cue to be in sync? It should also tell you that you might need to work on your timing.


Drag down the top menu screen

Make sure the little “Q” emblem is green (activated)

That should do the trick

CUE is not part of the quantisation.

I think there is a feature request somewhere for it.

Are you a former traktor user?

In my opinion, quantize is a complete car crash on engine software, it doesn’t even work properly when doing a 4 beat loop, preferring to loop where it feels like.

I disabled quantize within an hour of getting my prime, the software works so much better with it off, whoever designed the waveform on engine, obviously didn’t design it on VDJ, where its brilliant, and loops in time, and not off beat ! :person_facepalming:

It works pretty ok for me tbh… And i play breakcore stuff with complex beat measures…

For engine … You realy need to get your beatgrid aligned perfect on your tracks for the Quantize-function to be on point.

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This has not been my experience.

How do you have it set up? Are your tracks gridded properly?

I have mine set to 1/2 or 1/4 beats, so i can get both on beat and off beat loops.

It does 4 beats on time perfectly

I agree with this… getting that timing nailed is useful for many other things too, like recovering from mistakes (turning the wrong track off), activating FX in time with the beat or manually tapping tempo for FX.

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for me also the same problem I have already written 2 posts about this. With Traktor it works without any problems…

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