Cue Points with 1.4 update not dropping correctly

After installing update 1.4, I noticed that dropping the track on a cue point mixing from one track to next, the cue point was a little bit out on matching audio.

Do you mean the visual cue point is not lined up with the wave form display?

I have no problems with the cue points using the 1.4 update.

I found that the update significantly improved cue point launching. One should check their settings. It is adequate for those who can time things.

It is beatmatched previously before hitting the cue point on first beat. So it shouldnt go out

And quantize is on?

I’ll share my settings.

cue/loop quantization 1/4 instant start. Quantize on.

Before the update I could not use quantize when launching hotcues.

How exactly are you dropping the track in using cue point?

The drawback to standalone systems is that there is not much latency to work with to be able to drop cues on point all the time if not timed. There’s barely any latency left for the deck to predict when and where you want to launch you hot cue.