Cue points randomly move to different parts of the song

Hey gang…I am curious if anyone else is experiencing what I am relative to cue points. I have created “hot cues” and “cue points” at the beginning of songs for most of the music I play regularly. A few times during my last gig a song would load and the cursor was at the “END” of the song. So, when I pressed play, of course…nothing happened…LOL. I did not notice that the song was at the end, so I restarted the system and killed the dance floor. Then when I reloaded the same song…the cue point was still at the end of the song, but I realized that I was looking at the end of the wav form and just swiped it back to the beginning. Thank God that is all it was…but I was sweating. This has happened a few times since I have been using my Prime 4. Also, songs where I have placed a cue point at the beginning of the music move to a few bars into the song upon loading “sometimes”…it is random. Most of the cue points stay where I put them but randomly some songs have that cue point issue. Anyone have thoughts on why this happens.

In the console settings you can decide whether the new track should have the playhead at the CUE point or at the beginning of the track. If you set to always have it at the beginning of the track, you can avoid that problem. The CUE point can move automatically if you have selected in the settings to move the cue point to the beginning of a manual loop.

For this problem I would verify that I have the same version for both Engine Desktop (on the PC) and the one on the Prime 4. Also have the tracks analyzed on the PC, then place the Hot cues, and then check if they move when you use them on the Prime 4.

Thank you for your thoughts. I do have the latest update for both Engine and Prime 4 hardware. When you say analyze the tracks in the Engine Software…do you suggest I go through every song and place a cue point at the beginning? Or use the settings to make it so the cue points are at the beginning of songs rather than me setting it manually?

In the settings of engine OS (prime)

There is LOAD track from beginning or from CUE

So choose load from beginning

I suggest you analyze all the tracks with the PC (Engine DJ Desktop), then place your Hot cues always using the PC, then export your playlists to your remote unit to use it with the console. In this way we are sure that the track is correctly analyzed and the Hot cues are placed well on the grid.

What I meant is exactly what Mufasa wrote to you:

That setting allows you to always load the track from the beginning and not on the CUE point.

While the setting that allows you to move the CUE automatically to the manual loop point or to keep it fixed depends on your choice and usage.