Cue points on prime 4

Ive just recently bought the prime 4… Wicked bit of kit! One thing that’s really bugging me though is when choosing tidal as a media source in particular, a lot of the times the cue points are not starting from that first kick drum or snare of the track I’m about to cue up. I’m then having to set my own cue point right at the very start of the track and once the correct cue point is set in the right place, soon as i hit the cue button the cue point will revert back to its original state resulting in blends being off beat. This sometimes also happens with tracks from my usb stick. This is resulting me having to cue tracks like you would on turntables. I’ve changed the parameters within the prime 4 from (start track from cue point) and start track from (start of song) and this has absolutely no impact. Some times the prime 4 will not let me set my cue point at the very start of the track where I want it at all and will automatically move to the default state. I’m new to this bit of kit so I’m wondering if anyone could possibly shed some light on this situation? Thanks in advance :ok_hand:

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This is an issue with the quantice on. If the track has a cue not sitting on the beat-grid, it jumps back to the next available beatgrid. You can avoid this by turning off the quantice for tidal tracks with missaligned cue´s … but you than have to nudge the track a bit … (Old school mixing technique).


It wouldn’t be an issue if Denon would implement the much requested feature of being able to adjust the beat grid/bpm of streamed tracks.

Currently it can only be slid back and forth (which may be all you need in some cases) but there’s no adjustment for incorrect tempo analysis.


Good day to you, @electrosoul,

this is a never ending story and here are some similar posts around. In my opinion the topic “beatgrid / beatmatching” aso needs a maintenance in general.

So pls. have a look at this feature request and if you have enough token left, pls. feel free to vote for it. Or phps. you will find a workaround in this post.

Good luck and brgds


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Yes! This is working as a temporary fix… just switching off the quantize to set a cue point is solving this issue… definitely something denon need to work on.:ok_hand: Thanks