Cue Points Not showing STAND ALONE

I recently purchase the MCX8000 and downloaded the latest version of prime that is link here in the Forum not from the website with links to Firmware, instructions etc…

I have a problem with my cue points integration from Serato DJ Pro into Engine Prime. The files are ok in Engine Prime but when I transfer them to a media drive and try to access my media in stand alone mode the music files do not have the original cue points. As if they never had any. Does anybody have a fix for this ??Or can you help me out??


Are you copy and pasting or drag and dropping the files to the media drive?

Drag and drop the files

I’ve replied in the other thread you posted in - can we shift the conversation over to there as its the same topic?

You need to export/transfer the music files using the specific feature on Engine Prime, else you just get the music and none of the data, like the cue points and all that

Could you provide a link to that thread please, @JonnyXDA?

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Here I explain the problem but there is no answer from denon