Cue point sync problem with Rekordbox

Hi guys,

Since December, I own the Denon DJ SC Live 4 which I use with Engine DJ to make my playlists and syncs. But I’ll soon be mixing in clubs using Pionner equipment. In order to ensure the smooth running of my playlists on USB sticks, I’d like to switch to Rekordbox, while using my Denon at home to prepare my sets.

I’ve reimported my music into Rekordbox, but lost my cues. So I wanted to re-import them from my Denon and then sync on Rekordbox the changes made on the USB key. The problem is that my cues don’t import, whereas I know people using the same setup who don’t have this problem.

Do you have any idea what the problem is, or how to solve it? This is very problematic for me… thanks in advance!

A better way is to create playlists in rekordbox, make cue points in rekordbox and then import the playlists in Engine prime. I have 2 USB sticks, one for Denon and one for pioneer. I don’t think rekordbox is capable to import Denon playlists. You can use The Pioneer stick to play one The Denon however. Just analyse the stick on the Denon and start playing. Rekordbox is a better piece of software to create playlists with cue points in my opinion.

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Thanks you for your answer !

I managed to import things Engine>Lexicon>Rekordbox without loosing cues. Then creating the USB in rekordbox. As alternative option.


Thanks for this solutions

Fine piece of software. Probably the new industry standard for converting from one library to another and splitting stems, smart play lists etc

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If you are on macOS I would have tried with this tool.

Maybe less pricy if you need to use it frequently but I have no experience with it.