Cue point snapping to the offbeat, how to I snap it to the beat?

I have a track where the cue point keeps snapping to he offbeat instead of on the beat, how I can change it in Engine Prime so it snaps to the beat?

The track goes slower on he break down in the middle but for the most of it it’s at 126 bpm, not sure if that’s influencing this in any way.

If you have quantise on, turn it off :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’m using the engine prime software I cannot see the quantise button in there?

Settings - quantize

I cannot see quantise as an independant setting to switch on or off in settings, only a cue/loop quantise level which is currently set to one.

Here is a screenshot of where the cue is placing itself and I cannot get it to line up with the start on the first beat, moving the beat grid will just put the grid on the off beat which i do not want.

Cue/loop quantize is the setting You need. Check Your beat grid. On the attached picture not all settings are visible.

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Beatgrid look alright.

@SoundFish line up the play head indicator with where you want to place the hotcue: then try placing the hotcue

Your CUE/Loop is set to 1 so there is no reason why it should set anywhere else but on the grid beats

I couldn’t get it to snap to the on beat when it was set to 1 but switching it to off let me do it :slight_smile:

Than you everyone!

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