Cue on headphones not working on Channel 2-4

I have this problem where the sound from only one headphone speaker will work when I cue in channel 2-4. Channel 1-3 work perfect. Also the sound appears to be lower in the working speaker of 2-4 when cuing. Split cue is off but when I do turn split cue on it changes the output in the headphones to the opposite side. I’m pretty sure that it’s not the headphone preamp because if it was I suspect channels 1-3 would be having the same problem, which they don’t. 1-3 appear to be working perfect.

This is the second time this has happened to me. Last time was in a club but on that occasion I noticed that if I switched the effects knob to a unused channel the problem would disappear. Two nights ago the problem returned but this time I switching the effects made no difference. Last night I was playing in a club and the problem was still there so I had to change to mixing on channels 1-3, I normally mix on 2-3. This is a huge issue for me not being able to mix on 2-3 because my workflow and muscle memory is built on having deck 1 on channel 2 and deck two on channel 3. I am hoping this is just a firmware glitch because I gig every weekend and sending it for repair could take weeks which I don’t have.

Has anyone ever encountered this issue? If some could offer some advice I would really appreciate it.

Just wanted to updated anyone with a similar problem. I was running FW 1.5 and updated to 1.6 but my problem persisted. However I have discovered what the problem is. I use v-modas with the stock cable on a 1/4 TRS right angle adapter so I don’t damage the headphone socket on the mixer. Turns out v-modas don’t like them. the plug on the cable of the headphones needs to be ever so slightly pulled out for them to work right, if they are inserted all the way they cause problems. I had another unused right angle adapter and that one is working but if you giggle it just a tiny bit the problem returns so that’s probably the reason I never noticed until now. A little embarrassing but I don’t mind sharing my embarrassing moments if it helps people with similar problem.


No problem get yourself a little o ring from a vape pen kit and put that on jack plugthat should give you the required pull out and isnt destructive

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