CUE - no way for sync

Why CUE is not part of sync process?

With Native Instruments controllers, it is possible to press CUE and it work in sync mode.

I don’t understand why it doesn’t work on Denon? is there any benefit if it doesn’t work?


Have you tried the various quantize options ?

Yes sure.

Bar will Match the beginning of the Bar

Beats will match to the nearest beat (nearest grid line)

Tempo will match the bpms (no grid or bar taking into consideration)

CUE is not part of this process

Only HOTCUES and PLAY is part of the sync process.


No because the cue has afaik been the tap it in button… get it in time on first beat then hold cue track is in tapped into sync manually

Hello, I know this method. But is it a problem when it works also automatically with the sync mode. Those who prefer it manually only need to deactivate the sync and tap in manually… as well as with Native Instruments Traktor etc. too


I noticed this too. afaik Denon is the only platform that deactivates sync when repeatedly pressing CUE. Other platforms leave it on, and let the playhead catch up. This is important because a lot of DJs have a habbit of (needlessly) repeatedly pressing CUE when waiting for the mix-in point in the previous track.

I just don’t get the point?anyone who wants to use the cue button manually can simply leave sync mode disabled. all those who prefer to have it automated activate the sync mode and the CuE button then also runs synchronously. … and everyone would have the opportunity to choose the function they like best.