Cue loops in Engine Prime

Using a Prime 2 and going through a Digital DJ Tips course.In the course is a section on creating cue loops. In this their using [Serato DJ, Rekordbox DJ, Virtual DJ and Traktor. Looking through Engine Prime I’m not seeing any way to do this in a similar fashion. The same for creating cue loops on the Prime 2. If that’s not possible in Engine Prime like the others how is this done manually? Possible? Some call this feature an active loop also.

Requested there

Thanks mufasa. hard to understand why this isn’t already available seeing the other brands have it. Tried the workaround hot cue/auto loop but can’t get that to work for me. The loop moves when selecting it. Only thing that I can get to work is set a hot cue then set a hot loop. First hitting the hot cue then the hot loop to activate it. Question is why do I even need a cue at the start of the loop if all I want to do play the loop. The loop starts playing as soon as soon as the hot loop button is pressed anyway. Newbe question I know.

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