Cue doesn't work / No audio from headphones

Hello Denon community. I’m new on this forum and finally got my prime setup (sc5000, x1800 and sc5000m). The whole package is really great and I love it. But I have one problem.

When I plugin headphones, click CUE button and turn on LEVEL knob I don’t hear music in headphones. I tried with several different headphones on both audio jacks amd got nothing. Everything others works perfectly. Please help :slight_smile: Tom

It isn’t set to master on the cue mix knob is it, definitely set to cue?

CUE MIX is set to CUE and doesn’t work that was the first knob I was seting after I saw the problem :smiley: Thanks anyway man :slight_smile:

Had to check…

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Is it channel cues that just doesn’t work or do you have no audio at all on the headphones? Assuming split cue is not flipped on and you’re not using some single-channel stick headphone or something, do you get the master in the headphones when the cue mix knob is either in the middle or towards the right and a fader is all the way up that music is coming through? If that doesn’t work and you say it’s affecting both jacks, then it sounds like the headphone DAC section, headphone amp, or the connection from them to the jacks, etc. I believe the jacks are in parallel (like a splitter) and these are common components shared between them.

I have no audio at all in headphones no cue, no master split cue is off. I also believe jacks are parallel. I also tried swirching difirent settings in utility menu and factory reset.

I think it’s a defective unit. Internal wiring.

Fx cue on ?

Is sound coming out of main outputs ? If not, check your sweep fx and filters

Fx cue was turned off. I will try with fx cue when I come home. Where I find sweep fx and filters? After all I think It’s probably hardware problem.

Hi @DirectFX, just to make sure we’ve covered everything have you tried different headphones? Have you tried the headphones on another device and confirmed they work?

It sounds like you’ve had a thorough check so I’d contact your retailer and explain the situation and they should replace for you.

Thanks J

Hi. Yes I tried with different headphones and didn’t work. All headphones are working on other machines like computer and cellphone. When I come home I will check again everything and If It won’t work I will contact retailer.

Other things on mixer and player works fine and I’m amazed what those things can do and looks reliable. Thank you everyone for your help. Looking forward to get to know with gear and help others on forum. :slight_smile: