CUE button replacement / MCX8000


I’m looking to get a CUE/PLAY/SYNC assembly for my MCX8000. It broke lousse on the right side deck.

I’m still covered by warranty but to skip all the hassle I don’t mind buying it and getting it repair at a shop. It seems really hard to get by.

Does anyone know a retailer around Montreal city in Québec, Canada who has this in stock?


Please see attached

This is where I got mine when I was using the same controller.

You can reuse the play and cue metal covers.

I did myself using a German guy video from YouTube

Hope this helps. That is amazing device it has features that we missing on Prime 4.

Good luck :crossed_fingers:

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Somebody also commented that the buttons can be re-attached to the assembly with epoxy glue and that it’s a better long-term solution because the new buttons will just break again because of lack of plastic elasticity in the assembly (compared to epoxy fix).

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Thanks man!

I’ve already called Instrumental Parts last week and they are unfortunately back-order with no ETA…

Same thing for Denon, the parts are discontinued forever.

No one seems to have any parts… I am scared to open it up and epoxy glue the buttons.

I had a repair ticket open with Denon (since im still under warranty) I’ll see what they say before doing anything.

I might just give it a try then! Thanks

Hey, just found my old ones in the left is the one, I epoxy-ed and the right is one just crazy glue, I can send those in case you don’t want mess with yours.

Like the rest of the community said is better is you fix because who knows when will be back on stock.

Good luck.

Hey yes for sure! I would be really happy if you can send them to me! I will pay the cost of the shipping of course. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll send you a private message.


@Yannick_Masse. You can private message each other. I personally would remove your email address from a public forum if i was you as its opening you ip to a lot of spam from those horrible little bots that go trawling websites and forums