Crossfader problems

Hey guys I’m new to the prime family I’ve been DJing and doing stuff with music for years but this has never happened to me before ever since I did the recent update when I move my crossfader from left to right or vice versa the volume gets lower while I move it to bring in the other track I mean it drops noticeably low but them gains volume when I reach either side and I don’t know if it’s something I did or if it’s from the update if someone or anyone can help I would truly appreciate it thanks guys

Set the crossfader curve to your preference

Xfader Contour is on the front panel

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Ok I’ll give it a shot I thought that what it might be I haven’t gotten to it cause my basement flooded and let’s just say it’s a shitty situation lol but thanks I’ll keep you posted I appreciate it

If you look at the Front Panel

The Bench looking icon - Sound from opposite side comes in full vol as soon as you move the fader

The one that Looks like an X - one side goes down in vol, other side goes up

Mid dial - between bench and X

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Thanks man believe it or not I still haven’t gotten to it yea my dude to clean up and whatever else that’s been going on in my crazy home lol but I truly appreciate it man I’ll keep you posted for sure I’m going in tonight for sure so we will see thanks homie your the man