Crossfader issue


Recently, I’ve run into an issue when i move my crossfader from one side to another, the volume stays the same. It is not fading until the crossfader is at the other end. (For example, a track will be playing on the left side but it doesn’t fade out unless I have the crossfader all the way at the right side.) How can i fix this?

Thanks in advance!

Have you verified it’s not the DJ software setting that you enabled? Because it sounds like that.

fadeout72 - I had a very similar problem with my MC4000 a couple of years ago as well (working with Lenovo laptop) and VDJ 8. If I moved the crossfader - the software would not respond, or do something weird like automatically move to the side … It was driving me nuts… However… for me it was and easy fix - I took a can of compressed air and sprayed out inside the crossfader from the top of the unit. I did not have to open the unit. During my research I think I found a couple of other people who did the same thing and it worked… I know this is a late reply… But maybe it can help someone out there. Also - there is a video on Youtube where a guy opened his MC4000 and changed his crossfader… In case you need to do that extreme case.

VDJ crossfader control is another one of those VDJ functions which should have been simple, but Atomix just couldn’t leave it alone. So you get situations where, for no on-screen reason, and with no on-screen warning, you watch the crossfader that you just moved to one side, slowly plod it’s way back over to the side you just pulled it away from. Either that, or the crossfader in screen just defiantly refuses to move.