Cross fader Bleed trough

I’m having issues with bleed through on the cross fader. Is there a fix or any recomdations.

Using Serato or it also happens in standalone mode playing from usb sticks?

Might not be really obvious, but what way’s your crossfader curve? Something so new maybe shouldn’t be doing this under normal circumstances.

same issue here, but only when contour to extreme right / scratch mode, should be totally closed but sounds like it’s open.

When fader set to sharpest curve/scratch mode, and fader all way to right hand side, left deck can be heard. cues stop Does not appear to do this when X fader contour is set to anything else.

So the only setting for scratching, is not allowing scratching.

This did working initially, but since buying in Nov 2016, more any more problems have been experienced, cues and headphone pots stop working, Cue buttons dont start tracks and have to push the platter to play.

Restart usually fixes but not ideal for live gigs.

Any ideas?

From the powering up of the 8000, as a nice clear start point, are you able to replicate the behaviour that you mentioned and fill in some more detail eg:

  1. inserted USB thumb drive (4gb with 50 mp3 tracks on)
  2. powered up 8000
  3. set contour to sharpest setting

Did it start from the first minute/first track or did it take a while?

Were you using a USB thumb drive or Serato or VDJ etc ?


Can replicate the problem with any configuration;

serato different USB’s any port updated firmware reset to factory settings replaced crossfader with innofader - actually worse with innofader than stock fader. not so bad when x fader contour not set to sharpest

only happens one side, right to left, e.g. scratching one left deck, fader full closed/all way to the right, left deck can be heard clearly.

I’d say from my testing it’s clearly an issue with the X Fader Contour control.

Is this part user serviceable?

I bought at Rock and Soul New York but live in the Caribbean and shipping is slow and very expensive and they recharge import duty to bring back inserviced equipment.

Ideally I can replace the faulty part yselfor do a straight swap for a new unit when next in New York.

Please not the fader problem is constant.

other issues usually fixed by restart;

Cues and headphone pots stop working, Cue buttons dont start tracks and have to push the platter to play. sometimes audio quality is degraded mid track

Please note, the fader problem is constant.

Crossfaders are designed to be treated rough and the crossfader in that model is no different - of course, there’s a reason why they’re designed to handle rough treatment.

Within reason, replacement of a crossfader may be covered by a warranty replacement of the crossfader.

Just a thought - did you calibrate your innofader when you swapped it in?

who are you responding to? It’s not the fader that is issue. it’s the X Fader Contour pot or the board.

yes of course. that doesn’t explain why the problem happens with both the og fader and new fader and only on the one side.

ok put the og fader but in,still have the same problem but not as pronounced as the innofader

I had similar leaking problem with my crossfader and the problem was on the fader part. So, I made a youtube video from the problem ( and send to the support of the shop where I orderred the MCX8000

I got new fader spare part and changed it. Here is the video how I changed it and some tests after the process. Crossfader works fine now:

Why not just let it get repaired under warranty? :wink:

I live in the caribbean, so will have to pay shipping and insurance then will have to pay import & customs duty of 30% on the value + shipping to get it back and I dj weekly.

So was hoping I could be provided with some kind of fix or schematic regarding accessing the x-fader pot.

no schematic to self service/clean x fader contour?

@kboogie Schematics are not available to the public. Only authorized Denon DJ repair facilities and service centers would be able to obtain this information. If you need information on where to service your product, please get in touch with your international distributor by visiting or contact the retailer or individual that you’d purchased your product from.

There’s no distributor here in the Cayman Islands, I had to fly to New York to buy the unit and I’m not able to do that again any time soon