Creating subfolders

Has anyone successfully created a sub folder within engine itself. Right clicking gives you no option. Creating a folder in engine and dragging sub folders over (from an external source) does not work either. What am I missing? Im using PC. I have an external ssd and an internal ssd in the P4.

I make sub-crates all the time in Engine Prime, and by right clicking the folder (crate) you want the subfolder (subcrate) in should work just fine(windows). I have found that fast connections (USB 3.0 ports) and computers (I7 with 16gb or more) help quite a bit. And you should always move files from the internal drive to the external via the Engine Prime Software, not from the drive, to the software, back to the drive…FYI. I’ve corrupted a few databases this way, therefore, I’ve built my “Prime” drives from scratch.

That’s great to hear that u have success in creating sub folders. I can not do it. There is no option. If I drag a crate over it does not create a crate within the crate. It just places all the songs together.

Zamooda, I believe you need to create the crate first, not just drag it in. I just created 5 layers of crates (I believe Prime has limits, just don’t know how far beyond two sub-levels!). Right click where it says “collection” on the drive you’re trying to build within Engine Prime. From there, you should have the option to create crate, rename, remove or export. If you’re not getting this functionality, I’d reach out to Denon DJ’s support line and ask them to guide you through it.

its seems overly complicated, i chose to create a playlist folder and playlists with in it, seems like the same thing to me.