Crates and sub crates failing to move

Engine prime 1.2.2 My crates on the left hand of the screen are failing to move across to my drive crates any ideas ? I am having to manually open a crate and move over batch files. So a question has to be asked, have I reached that 2.4gb ceiling or 10K songs Denon do not recommend going above with the SC5000 if so the Prime 4 boasts the use of a 1TB drive. UPDATE 14th Feb. Windows 10, Engine Prime 1.2.2 and a Seagate 1TB SSD 2.5 Sata hard formatted to Exfat ready for Prime 4. 8000 songs added to the ssd in their various crates no problems. Full crate pick and drop now fails, so manually making crates and sub crates in ssd drive column, now batch pick and drop from Engine Libary to crate on ssd fails, will only work if I pick and drop 3 or 4 files up at a time. Ideas anyone ?

What are your system specs (OS, Ram, CPU, etcetera)?

Have you tried uninstalling then re-installing Engine?

If using Windows, are your Visual libraries up to date?

Does this issue occur on drives formatted as FAT32 (I always recommend FAT32 for all DJ and Production hardware).

Always use Exfat as Fat32 never comes up as a format option. Fat32 your limited to a 4gb file size and surely this is no good if your using the Prime 4 to record your Dj sets !

FAT32 is limited to a 16GB partition size when using Windows Format. However there are multiple tools available for formatting larger drives using FAT32. The FAT32 allocation table allows for a total single partition size of 3TB.

On a side not, do not use HP Disk Format Utility as it is limited to 128GB.

I’m able to move crates but subs don’t show up, just all the songs in artist folders on usb stick. I had the same issue as you. Try dropping them into the device name of your drive beside the thumb drive symbol. That worked for me.

No just a no entry sign :tired_face: