Crates and playlists not opening in standalone mode / MCX8000


I have a Denon MCX8000 with latest firmware (2.5) and Engine Prime (1.6) and a FAT32 format USB Key.

I have prepared my USB Key inside Engine Prime and when I plug it in the MCX it will not open any of my crates or playlist when I click on it.

Please help, I don’t understand why it won’t let me acces my crates and playlist with the Select/Load knob.

Thank you

No I just activated the MCX8000 compatibility inside settings!

Thank you so much!

Will try again when I get back home tonight.

Yes everything works fine now! Thanks mate.

Would you happen to know what engine version is best for the MCX8000 between V1.3 and V1.6 ?

I’m having the same problem. But I don’t see the MCX 8000 compatibility option in my settings. I have version 2.3.2. I can’t find a link to the 2.5 download. Does anyone have this link?

Version 1.6.1 is the last version supporting MCX8000.