Crate or Playlist?

What is the difference between create and playlist? when I import the playlists from serato there is the possibility to list the songs with the same order with which they were positioned on Serato?

Hello @lukas1980, thanks for posting! Here’s some info on Crates and Playlists:

-Crates: Your crates are collections of tracks arranged however you want. You may have crates for different genres or styles, for albums from a specific decade, etc.

-Playlists: Your playlists are lists of tracks arranged in a specific order. You may have playlists for different types of clubs or events, for specific genres, etc.

Importing Playlists from Serato to Engine PRIME will list the songs in the same order they were positioned in.

Due to some migration requirements, I ended up with my playlists becoming crates. And I actually like it better that way.

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Kind of a happy accident @DJ_Vintage?

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Absolutely! I hardly ever worry about the order of tracks, only in case of an autoplay playlist. But for those it’s easy enough to either prepare one in advance or use the prepare folder.

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Just to add, you can add the same track multiple times in PLAYLIST

I use crates

Is there a way to remove duplicate tracks?

From where? Library? Playlist?

The playlist. Traktor Pro has a this ability. Just right click the playlist and the option to “Remove Duplicates” is given.

No official way to remove duplicates from playlist

Bummer. Hopefully this will be fixed in a future update.

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