Crashes with MCX8000 & Serato DJ 1.9.5

Hey guys, hope you can be useful. I’m having serious crashes with my MCX and Serato DJ.

My config is Macbook Pro Touchbar, 16G Ram, OS 10.12.2 Sierra.

Serato support isn’t very efficient, and I was wondering if the forum could help, everything is clean in my database (no corrupted files), Serato DJ 1.9.5 installed, MCX firmware ok.

Crashes happen mostly when I load a track, but sometimes when I’m browsing or even minimizing the SDJ window.

I got the feeling it crashes especially when I’m using the load button on the controller but not only.

Thanks guys.

Searching and loading takes up quite a bit of resource for the lappy, in terms of processor hogging and if it’s a USB only powered external Hard drive, USB current sharing.

A couple of tests:

Try upping the latency to wooooo 10 times what it is now - so if it 5ms…make it 50ms as a test at home. Does loading tracks still cause issues ?

Try disconnecting the current hard drive and putting tracks on a good quality , well known brand USB thumb drive / memory stick. Does loading from that cause crashes?

Hey Guys,

i had exactly the same prob with my MBP Touchbar…

Try to use the 1.9.1 - I’m playing every night very stable with this one!

Best Olde


Here are my specs parameters : Audio 10 ms, screen refresh rate 60/sec

Any idea where to get the 1.9.1 ?

Are you using Sierra ?

yes sierra

What types of crashes are you experiencing, specifically? Display? Audio? Serato?

Well, it simply crashes and quit the software. The MCX windows are still running, but the timeline is empty. I can show you a short video if you wish.

I tested last days the serato 1.9.5 with my MCX8000 because I wound to found out where the screen freezing and music stops on the MCX8000.

Here are some things :

  1. Last week I tested with music on internal SSD HD of laptop and external HD on USB port of laptop. I had crashes en screen freezing’s. Almost all the time when searching or loading a song with the MCX8000.

  2. With all the music stored on my ssd HD into my laptop and no external HD I didn’t have a crash. I played 5 hours for just playing music true the folders and 1 hour testing while mixing. I played even with 4 decks on my serato and it was all stable.

So i think the trouble is coming from the USB ports, USB buffers in the laptop or USB buffer of the external HD … Is it better that I connect for example my external HD to the USB hub port of the MCX8000 unit ? Is it better to use a ssd external HD or not. Al the USB ports on the MCX8000 are USB 2.0 or already USB 3.0?

Hope somebody can help or can test this also …


It’s not an issue with the MCX8000 it is an issue with serato and also the fact that you are using a USBc connector (are you using a USB (standard) to USBC connector and if so is that an actual Apple recommended product?

Basically it looks like an interrupt within the USB signalling that’s causing the issue


I use USB mini to my external HD.

It’s not fast enough then …

Hi ! I used an Apple USB/USBc converter when the crashes happened… Then Serato told me to avoid converters (even Apple ones) so I bought a USB B to USB C cable, and you know what ? Still crashes ! I seriously think there’s an issue with 1.9.5 and Macbook Pro Touchbar

Isn’t that still a converter?

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Technically it is, but it’s one single cable. Waiting for manufacturers to put USB c ports on the machines.

I have been experiencing the screens freezing using Serato and/or VDJ Infinity Pro in normal mode and DVS. This is from the laptop internal hard drive on a full gaming spec pc. Latency set to 512 as recommended from Customer Support. I’ve bought new USB cable and still freezes. The programme on computer still works fine but all screens and levels freeze. I have been told today to do a hard factory reset - reupload all latest firmware then repeat. I can’t see why doing it twice will help however will test and let you know. Fingers crossed as I’ve only just got it back from Denon where this should have been tested and on/off power switch transistor replaced.

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I did this weekend a evening using the first time my MCX8000 on the road !

I didn’t have any crash !!! Luckily now i’m using music on my SSD on my laptop and also one external drive (Western Digital (WD elements)) with USB 3 port.

I didn’t have any crash, even when the electricity was falling out, the denon was rebooting and reconnected to serato, and plays further from where he was into the song …

So i can only say that for the moment I really like this machine and the crashes I had before, i think they are coming from using my older (7 years) external hard drive for example…

It’s also very important to analyze all your music before playing. Otherwise the laptop has to analyze the music as it loads the track. That uses loads of resources & is just a problem waiting to happen. Is all your music on the external hdd all analyzed?

Bonjour , j’ai un problème avec mon controller MCX 8000 et mon mac book pro 13MacBook Pro 13 pouces, 2020, quatre ports Thunderbolt 3 Processeur ; 2 GHz Intel Core i5 quatre cœurs mémoire ; 16 Go 3733 MHz LPDDR4X, cependant des que j’allume mon controleur sur n’importes quels ports usb-c celui ci m’indique , appareil trop gourmand en energie ? Quelqu’un aurai il eut le meme incident ? Cordialement