Cpu and ram of mcx8000

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someone could tell me what is the cpu and ram of mcx8000, I read that this is one of the reasons why increase your chances with an update is difficult, I do not think so since I have seen super simple hardware wonders but without having this information is difficult to have a more accurate view on the subject, sorry my English

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What kind of updates do you have in mind?

For example that support the database system prime natively and not that it is necessary to export to the version of engine that gives some problems (I posted some post about this) if those problems are eradicated I think I would not care so much but at the end it is something that gives more work to the engineers at the time of developing the software (I’m a computer graduate so I say) that if the export were just homogeneous for all devices, for that among other things the MCX8000 should support the Same audio formats as the prime series but the power of your cpu would come into play, so my question


PD: It would also be interesting to make the sampler button functional in some way, either as a sampler or some kind of different function

I suppose that you could always add some self-adhesive stickers to it.

Other than that, I think you’d best think of the mcx8000 as a vacation suitcase, that already took a lot of pushing and squeezing and careful packing to get the straining zip finally closed… one more sock slipped in there and it’s gonna rupture.

Regarding the database format it comes down to the tasks MCX8000 can handle given its own processing power which is lower than the Prime Series devices. The file format support also comes down to the unit processing power which is not able to work with higher sample rate files. Instead of trying to expand MCX8000 functionality beyond it’s capabilities, the developers should focus on improving it’s existing features so that the unit could perform flawlessly both in standalone and in controller mode.

That’s already been done - last year - I doubt there’s enough bytes left inside for a programmer to add their initials.

If a car needs to do 120kph and has been tuned and returned to do 120kph, that’s it. If you want to go that bit faster you’ll need to try different cars

Anyone who wants more than what the 8000 gives already, needs to look at the prime 4 really

By improving it’s existing features I was referring mainly at the Engine Prime software because the unit and the music management software has to work together in order to do what is expected.

I agree with you, but I think it could also give a little bit more (I’ll be back and I’ll repeat it without the previous data it’s very difficult it’s just my perception) I’m going to give a generic example to make me understand better, a server of the year 2005 with windows server for web would be fatal today with a lot of workload and even more if you have the latest version of windows server that usually requires more resources (assuming you can install it) but if you install a Linux distribution without graphical interface (only console) yet can give for a while and render very well in a final what matters is the website you would only enter the console for maintenance etc, now moving to the MCX8000 maybe this is applicable for some things that do not require a very large graphic quality example when you put a channel in line mode an image appears (I do not know what its size or resolution is) but supposing that it can be put something simpler as a text (I do not think it’s that important before that image besides just the aesthetics) would earn a few byte I know, but it would be a few more bytes to use in something more important, I repeat who can better know where they could optimize some things are the denon engineers who have the technical data of the hardware, I personally prefer to sacrifice a little graphic quality not relevant in some things and get better features, a great example of these are the android phones that are made firmwares with which you can do things and get functionalities (including a more modern version of the operating system that the manufacturer would never remove) that you would have never imagined, I do not know if one day Denon could release the firmware of older equipment such as opensource or something like that and so users can do their little things, I think that some interesting things with equipment even quite old (for there is an example of someone converting a cdj old man from a sea I’m not going to mention in one with almost all the features of the last model) are not just ideas, tell me what you think and share dreams that do not cost :wink:

Engine prime is already another issue but if I agree that they should work a lot in the still and I say more must be done powerful enough not to depend on serato, sorry for my English regards

Now you understand why the old gear displays were very good? They did not require high processing power because the graphics was simpler and the human element behind the platters did the magic work. But all in all efficiency is preferable to fancy graphics. There is a concept in this business and it sounds like this: cheap, features, reliability. Pick two.

Completely agree, but you can not deny the progress only a graphical bun just where you need it and with the necessary quality no more for the cpu to focus on the efficiency and functionalities of the team that’s why I think the mcx8000 can give more although maybe it does not look so “nice” but I want to put music not for a fashion show (if you can the 2 things better but but), I do not know if I make myself understand regards

I understand you perfectly and I agree with you. Some of us don’t require fancy stuff to do the work we want to do, but there are some who do and it’s the job of the developers to find a balance between fancy and effective.

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When the last Engine Prime upgrade was released, it was very much the case that the mcx8000 could only cope with some of the more basic file organisation features of Engine Prime. Obviously the Prime5000, Prime5000m and Prime4 will benefit from all of Engine Primes current and future features.

Who knows, starting from the very next release of Engine Prime, it could be that Engine Prime offers some features which only benefit Prime4 users, but not users of Prime5000 and Prime5000m.

The ability to handle specific features for specific equipment models is a must for a software designed to work with a range of DJ equipment. What matters most is the ability to work with the features all equipments have in common, like setting cue points, loop points and to organise a library or specific playlist by artist, title, BPM and in some cases by musical key. All this features are required to be optimised in order to be used on all types of equipment from the very basic to the most advanced. Ultimately, for very advanced features one can always integrate a PC in the chain running a dedicated DJ software like Serato. The need to use very advanced features for mixing means the need to use the power of a PC basically. Engine Prime software is a music management software and it’s goal should be integration with all types of equipment in Denon DJ lineup.

However that goes against the idea of standalone.

Standalone is a dangerously misunderstood word for DJ gear. Some people take it as meaning that the player is standalone (no laptop) ON-STAGE or during performance. Others seem to think it means that the player is also laptop-less off stage, in between performances, as if computers never existed. Each to their own.

Getting a.rouch sidetracked. I think that we’ve seen the last mcx8000 firmware ever. Changes and extra functionality for engine prime are likely and most welcome, but I suspect that the number of those extras in Engine Prime which benefit the 8000 will be less than those which benefit prime5000, 5000m, Prime 4 etc

Let’s not forget the nature of the beast - MCX8000 is primarily a Serato controller with the ability to perform (as a backup) in standalone mode with basic (fewer) features. Engine Prime future development of course will evolve in adding functionality for advanced equipment but it’s ability to support the intended functionality of MCX8000 and, maybe, even legacy models like SC2900 (still wearing Denon DJ crest and supported under Windows 10) can also be fine tuned. If anyone desires more functionality it is advisable to head to more advanced models of all in one DJ systems or to put together a modular setup to obtain more flexibility. MCX8000 is a very good piece of equipment for what it is and as long as it’s basic functions will be supported flawlessly by Engine Prime software for use in standalone mode everyone will be happy.

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Marketing is just that, but if you didn’t heard of MCX8000 before, went into a shop and see it for the first time what do you notice immediately? The mixer’s channel switches and there you can clearly see only two logos for Engine mode versus four logos for PC mode. That is enough to understand it’s primary function - controller. Trust what you see and feel and not what you’re being told.

Many use it the other way around. And “controller of laptop software” is sort of 2nd or 3rd function for a lot of DJs also thanks to the 8000 being a mixer of phono/line inputs without just shifting midi numbers up and down

It’s safe to say the 8000 is a multi discipline combo … it can play stand alone , it can tell a laptop and dj software what to do, it can mix line level and phono devices without a laptop

So in fact, with it being able to do two things without a laptop and only one thing with a laptop, it could be said it’s primarily stand alone

But, ask 100 people what it is primarily and secondary and tertiary and you’ll get multiple groups of answers lol

When you work in Engine mode do you have the same features available as in controller mode? No. It’s limited operation. When you connect external devices to it’s line inputs do you operate the console or just the mixer? You operate just the mixer. Versatile equipment? Yes. Denon DJ own statement: “Along with full control of Serato DJ Pro, the MCX8000 doubles as a premier standalone player and mixer utilizing Denon DJ’s powerful onboard Engine software.”

Ok friends but the question of the day is what is the cpu and ram, because, well, we put the first man on the moon with a computer that the hardware of any modern basic phone far exceeds and now I hear that the hardaware mcx8000 does not give more (and I’m sure it also exceeds that computer) the real difference, at that time they said this is the computer that there is and the program has to run there so optimize and do not ever ask for 1 k more of memory, today you make the software and you say I need so much ram and so much cpu and the one that does not have it to fly and nothing is optimized, in my opinion the mcx8000 gives for much more but they release the firmware and they will see what it happens (I think that the free firmware in all the equipment would benefit both denon and the end user) is just my opinion, the table is served for debate, excuse my english


Unless someone took the job of dismantling it’s own equipment to retrieve the serial numbers of the inside chips for identification, I believe the question is most likely to be answered by Denon DJ staff themselves, because the full technical specifications of MCX8000 are not given by the manufacturer the user manual.