Coverart missing from MP3 in History (Desktop/OS)

Hello folks,

in the history on both engine DJ desktop and engine OS the covert art is missing. It was never a big deal until I found out that in some situations, it displays the image correctly.

Master - Player 1 which contains the SD Card to share it with Player 2 over LAN

Slave - Player 2 which is conntected via LAN to get als infos from Player 1 over LAN

a part of the history list from Engine DJ Desktop

To summary, Covertart is missing on the Master Player but is shown on the second slave player. The two picture contains the same segment from the history list to show the different.

At the history list nn my Desktop / Engine DJ, the covert art is shown only on files which I have deleted.

Dont get me wrong, covertart overall is shown fine. Topic is about history list.

I found nothing on the forum for this so far. Its seems like a bug for me.

Would be glad for feedback about this.

What hardware are you using your OS on? SC6000?

I take it all hardware is on the latest? Does this occur if you were to swap the order of the players around?

Hey, thanks for your answer.

Hardware information lost during translation process :smile:

Iam using 2x sc6000 connected via LAN using an x1850. All devices on the lates OS update and firmware. Iam only using one source which is inserted to player 1.

Iam gonna try to swap the source to player 2 for testing purpose tonight.

I wanna also investigate if these following two problemes still exist after swaping source.

  1. Player 2 react a bit slower then player 1 while searching in the collection. Maybe a sd card related problem (SandDisk Ultra 32gb HC1).

  2. Also preperation list is not shared everytime I boot up all devices. So in that case I have a prep list for each player with only one source.


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Hey @DVanBleibergson

I’ve seen these symptoms before somewhere on here before. Hopefully the guys at Denon DJ will be able to look into it.

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So I have switched my sd card / source from player 1 to player 2. Same result just now inverted. Player 1 (without source) shows now coverarts in history and player 2 (source) doesn’t.

Further Information about deletes tracks. Missing tunes which are not a part of the current source anymore, are shown as red including coverart on both player’s

Player 1 (without source)

Player 2 (source/sdcard)