Cover with reKordbox


If you syncronyse with rekordbox, the cover of all songs have a quality of 80X80

What can I do if I want to have better ?


I’m Frech , my english is not very good

Nobody have the same problem ?

If you go in the folder pioneer of the device, you have a directory named coverart with pictures in 32x32.

I can’t help but I too see a bad quality artwork in the players when using Recordbox. The images look very pixelated.

RekirdBox Change the cover in 32x32 pixel picture file but the sc5000 accept a picture in 600x600

On my Rekordbox (XDJ-1000) USB Export the Artwork is 80 x 80. Not significantly better but CDJ’s doesn’t seem to use higher resolutions for now. The Artwork from the original Music file has higher Resolution. I think it is getting reduced during Export to not waste storage. I assume as soon a Pioneer would have a Player using higher resolutions this might Change. But I am guessing.

One Thing to add to this.

I checked my rekordbox USB drive and the MP3 inside still got the embedded Artwork which is in the original size (ie. 800 x 800). Would it not make more sense that SC5000 is using the embedded Artwork if available instead of the downsized Picture from rekordbox durning Import process?