Cover of track does not appear in Engine nor Prime 4

Dear all, i updated the engine prime and firmware of my Denon prime 4. After that, when i transfer new music to my Prime 4 the Covers don’t get transferred. Has anyone the same issue? Is ther any solution for that? It is quite annoying not seeing the Cover of the Track on display and in the screen. Thanks a lot

Where are you downloading the track from and which OS are you using ?

Within the last week or so iTunes on Catalina has not had the artwork embedded within the file. You can see the artwork in the Apple Music App but the file.

Can you check if the covers are invisible only on the console or also on the PC (Engine Prime)?

I had a similar problem to yours, but I noticed it on Engine Prime, before transferring the tracks to the USB stick. To solve the problem I viewed those tracks with MP3Tag and I realized that next to the cover (which was clearly visible in MP3Tag, therefore it was present in the file), there was a written “cover” stored in the tag “Cover Name”. I deleted the one written and then in Engine Prime I gave the command “Reload information” and it reload the tags from the file and the cover appeared. I repeated the same procedure for all the files, obviously selecting them all together or pressing CTRL + A

Thank you for your message. The cover appears in my pc, ipad, etc. It does not appears in Engine prime and it does not get transferred to the Prime 4.

What shall i do?

Thanks a lot

Where did you download the file from, was it iTunes ?

Do you see the artwork as the file icon in finder/explorer on the PC?

In engine prime, did you try the re-import information option.

Try for a few tracks first

I’ve been using the below script on my Mac as tracks downloaded from iTunes recently have not included/embedded the artwork within the file/meta-data. Apple Music will display the artwork but Finder will display a generic icon and the artwork was also missing in VLC and Prime Engine.

Itunes, yes.

I see the artwork on the pc

@TommyP try to do what I wrote in my previous message. I have the impression that it is the same problem that I had last weekend, after using a software that modifies the TAG automatically.

Thank you, i will try and let you know. Thanks