Cover Art missing in Folder View

The SC5000 Folder View of a USB Drive doesn’t always show Cover Art. The mp3 has Cover Art, because its showing in the platter display after loading the track and also in the Search View.

Some Cover Art does show and other not. No idea whats the difference.

Dj Engine Version 3.1.0.


Are you using Apple Music/ITunes? For your music collection?

No. I just put MP3s on my USB disk and let the software in my SC5000’s analyse the tracks when I load them the first time.

I have 2 SC5000’s that are connected via LINK cable)… The player with the USB stick shows 6 tracks with Cover Art in a new folder and the rest of the tracks in the same folder without cover art, while all files in the folder contain cover art. The other player doesnt show any cover art in the same folder at all.

I cant answer that then sorry, i know there is an artwork issue with music purchased through iTunes, I see it with my own collection.

Out of interest, why aren’t you using the desktop app to organise and analyse your music? you’ll get much better results using that method over loading non-analysed USB sticks into the players.

I dont like using dekstop software (like DJ Engine or Recordbox). Thats whats so great about the Denon players: you dont have to. Why still use that software, that was designed because of limitations that old players had, now these limitations are gone? :wink:

I noticed that the cover art only shows after I loaded a track the first time and restart the device. However, a linked player will never show cover art in the folder view. BUG?

I also don’t see the cover art of most tracks I sync with my Apple Music app. I use iTunes Match. Do you know of any solution or workaround? It’s not a big issue for me as the pics are tiny on the Go, but would still be nice to have,

I’m struggling to find solid info on how to solve I’m afraid.

It’s showing in the music app but not on the actual file thumbnail itself, that’s the key. Any file where it’s displayed in finder seems to work, those that aren’t don’t work.

Im reloading all my music to my car USB then I’ll check next week to see if my album and album art deletion have had an impact.

Maybe the problem is cover art size?

Ok, I just spent the last couple of hours adding artwork to my soul and disco files using an app called ‘Evertag’. it’s labourious but much faster than say iTunes, now all the actual file thumbnails contain artwork and all are showing accurately in my car.

I’ll test on the Prime 2 over the weekend but im confident it’ll now be showing on there too. The key is ensuring the art is on the actual file thumbnail.

Update: ive re-analysed all the music ive added the artwork to, it hasn’t updated the ones with missing art in Engine.

Im wondering, is there a cache somewhere that needs to be refreshed in order for them to appear?

Edit: ignore this, its re-import track info.

Looks like my issue is different. Cover art is shown in Finder and everywhere else I tried incl. Virtual DJ. When I extract the pic and reimport exactly the same one to the track, then hit re-import track info in engine dj it works. Odd …

Update: Virtual DJ does not show the cover art anymore as well. So in deed looks like an apple caused issue.

It’s funky isn’t it, definitely something amiss. I still think the culprit is the apple artwork database, it’s a complete mess now.

After a little online research, I found out that the music app no longer stores cover art in the tags, but in a separate folder, which engine or virtual dj do not read. Since I got a new MacBook and dowloaded all my tracks from the cloud backup (iTunes Match), the tracks with cover art in the tags got lost. If found the option to re-write the covers to the tags here:

With the two scripts “Tracks Without Embedded Artwork” and “Re-Embed Artwork” I found it quite easy to get the artwork back, but I only tested about 10 tracks yet. It worked perfectly for those. But I really cannot judge or guarantee, if the is safe or if those scripts may do any harm to your library or more … The guy also reminds you quite often, that he would appreciate a donation of a few dollars, which I find more than reasonable and fair on the other hand.

Will do further testing.

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Ah that is useful info. My laborious method of doing it is quite boring but also has a fun element of searching for the right image to use, some of my old soul and disco tracks ive got a picture of the actual record centre as the artwork now, which looks quite cool.

Know what you mean - did that a while ago. Still, did not want to do that again manually. The artworks are there, just not embedded in the files anymore.

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I had a fright this morning on my way to work, i stopped by a post office and when i got back in the car the artwork had all gone wrong. The car had switched sources from the USB stick id corrected to my phone which i hadn’t… luckily i realised before i was about to lose it haha.

One thing i have realised from it all, i had to delete a DB file created by the cars media system in the USB stick so it refreshed its cache and looked for the right one.

Next job is work out how to reload my phone with the corrected tracks, im 99% certain a simnple sync isnt gonna cut it.

I’ve been using Dougs scripts to re-embed artwork via the Music App for a while now. It works a treat. Just select the tracks then run the script. I do this after I download a bunch of tracks from Apple before adding them to Engine

I use a few of Doug’s scripts in my workflow;

File Renamer

I let Apple Music (iTunes) manage my main media collection at home. But for my DJing library on my Laptop, I like my files to be named in the format “[Artist]_[Title] [Mix name].mp3”. File Renamer is great for that.

Super Remove Dead Tracks

Does what it says on the tin. Also great for creating a list of missing tracks if you use it in “Test Run” Mode


This is actually an app from the same guy. I’ve used it on my master collection to weed out a lot of duplicates.