Cover art failing to display when there is description text in ID tags

Not sure if this should be a feature request / bug fix but I’ll describe it here first.

I like having cover art displayed with my tracks on my Denon gear. The problem is, I’ve found that album art won’t display if the ID tag has description text for the cover art. I’ve attached a picture of a track shown in Media Monkey as an example. This particular track has a description with the cover art (the word Cover has been added as a description). image

If I load it in to Engine the way is is now, the cover art will not appear. The only way to fix this is to manually edit the ID tag to remove the description text. This is kinda irritating since many of the places I purchase music from seem to add cover description text to their files. It would be nice if Engine displayed cover art correctly regardless of whether or not there was description text included.

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This could be a bug as I’ve seen cover art not display before and I’ve never seen a solution to it so this looks like the first solution. Nice find!

Definitely raise as a bug in the relevant section with a link to this.


Do bug reports go in the feature requests section or is there another section? I can’t see a forum for bug reports.

Maybe the hardware section would be the best place as it happens on the hardware itself.

Hopefully someone can see it.

We were having this conversation on another thread about Apple devices not transferring the artwork over to the files, and subsequently they are missing from the prime devices.

In that case its down to some issue with the computer itself, certain files dont have artwork assigned to them unless you’re viewing it in Apple Music. I had a quick look around on forums and it doesn’t seem like anyone can find a solution to it.