Could not start Engine 1.5.2. (mac) - "analyze"

new prob with engine… startet my prog on my mac and wanted to crate a new target-db (new hdd) engine freezes imidiatelly, status “anlayze xxxx from xxx files”

ok, re-install engine, new installation -> same problem

think i have to kill ALL files from engine on the mac and new installation. but where does engine save these informations?

sorry my bad english, hope i could descripe my problem

thx dirk

[quote=“racegunner, post:1, topic:3295”] ok, re-install engine, new installation -> same problem[/quote] yeah that’s a classic. not with engine in particular but any software. most people think that re-installing is a fresh start but in most cases the problem is caused by the settings files or leftovers and those are not affected by most installers unfortunately.

[quote]think i have to kill ALL files from engine on the mac and new installation. but where does engine save these informations?[/quote] exactly, that’s how to get a fresh start. engine has 3 places for settings and db files on osx:

  1. /Users/YOUR_NAME_HERE/Library/Application\ Support/MusicManager => delete the whole folder
  2. /Users/YOUR_NAME_HERE/Library/Preferences/Engine.plist => delete that file only

and the third one is the actual database. that doesn’t have a specific location but depends on where your music is. in each folder from which you added an audio file to engine it created a hidden folder called “.DDJMEMO”. so go through all your music folders and delete that folder in each one. if you have a high number of music folders you can also run that automatically using the osx terminal. in that case let me know and i can show you a one-liner for that.


perfect! this works! thank you!!!

still confused… try to analyze my ext.HDD a 2TB-drive contains roundabout 32.000 mp3-files

it´s not possible to analyze more than a few hundred files till ENGINE freezes…



At the moment we just can hope engine prime runs better.

Import into Engine collection without analyzing (de-select that option in Engine preferences) and analyze them when the import is complete (select all songs, right click and select re-analyze). Also, don’t import the whole HDD at once for fracks sake…do a couple thousand at once at most. I won’t even ask why you have a 32k files collection… :unamused:

i tried this way not only once… no success

why i got a 32k-collection? because i can :-p

and because you didn’t had to pay for them? :laughing: :laughing: back on topic: considering Engine 1.5.x update is close (Denon cofirmed it would be released along with Engine Prime), I would wait for it and then check it they improved it.

denon confirmed an update? really? source?

I know this is about the Mac but does anyone know where these settings would be save on a PC. I am having a similar issue in my windows 10 laptop.

Too lazy/DGAF to find the exact source (regarding date of release) but I do remember reading it either here/social media/other forums. Why surprised? Engine 1.5.2 doesn’t have all the neccessary functions (BPM/beatgrid tools are missing) and MCX8000 was confirmed to be updated with newer version of Engine software (not Prime), there’s even a article on djworx.

Do you have any idea of where these settings are held in Windows?

I’m having this problem on both Mac and Windows.


Delete the “C:\DENONDJ2” folder. This should allow engine to run. also when it asks to scan pc for music tell it no and add music folders manually. this was the only way I could get engine to run and scan music with out crashing. as a note I only have around 700 tracks and it took several hours to have engine scan/analyze them.

Thanks, I did that and it finally opened. It’s actually a great program for what it trys to accomplish, but it sometimes crashes and burn. If they could figure it out they would corner the market with their incredible controllers.

I think they are working hard to improve it.

I am having these same issues and unfortunately I cannot find the files “MusicManager”, “Engine.plist” & “.DDJMEMO”. I have tried searching for these files and looking in the locations listed. Any other suggestions on where these files could be held at? I just bought the MCX8000 and now I am already ready to return it!! How frustrating!!

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I am having the same problem

And? There are several thing listed here (and other topisc) that can be done.