Corruption on my laptops C Drive how do i fix?

I use external drives for everything and i have tried to update from Engine Dj 2.0 to 2.01 and now my C drive has been corrupted and i cannot go any further, can anyone please help ???

This is my notification …

I have a corruption on my C Drive which obviously holds windows.

Its States " Weve detected corruption in your library, Please restore in the previous Engine Release Version Preferances and attempt to update Engine Dj again.

My C drive does not contain music files as i use external drives for everything.

Please Help !!!

If you have no library or music on your Windows machine at all and you have no collection information there then I’d rename your Engine Library folder (EngineLibraryOld for example) and launch the desktop software. This has worked for me, basically takes you back to the start. Inserting your USB should identify the library there.

PLEASE NOTE, Do this at your own risk.

Hi Par911 Really appreciate your swift response.

Where is the eingine library folder please ? i have nothing attached and no music on the laptop.

Soon as I start the software and plug in external hd is shows corruption on the C drive and will not let me go further.


Engine folders are on c:\users\ {your user} \music\

Much appreciated.

Ive re installed Windows just in case. :frowning: Will i be ok after the re install of windows to start a fresh and install the new latest Engine 2.0.1 ??

My current ext hd databse has all been done and completed using 2.0 ???

In theory, yes; Once Windows is installed/updated, plug only your external hd, check if your drive is on the correct letter assignment (ex D:)

Install Engine 2.0.1

It should retrieve your HD database

I think there is a little confusion and misunderstanding when Engine reports a drive is corrupt. This means the Engine library database contains errors and can’t be read (or throws an exception when reading). It doesn’t mean the disk or usb stick is corrupt. The operating system would report this problem, and in the case of a corrupt usb wouldn’t mount the drive, in the case of your OS (windows anyway) would start up recovery mode.

There are two options (basic anyway), first, delete the Engine Library folder and start again. Second attempt to repair the SQLite database. There are tools available to do this and I have done this before using 1.6.1 with success.

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Thats brilliant thank you by assigned to the correct letter i guess you mean clicking it in the “drives” section ???

No, just check if it is the first letter after your fixed drives;

If you start it with ‘letter D:’ assigned, be sure to always start engine with your drive on letter D, to avoid wrong file paths;

If you plug a stick, then your hd, and start engine, your hd may be in letter E: leading to wrong file paths.

You could map the drive and make that permanent. Select the music folder on your removable drive, it needs to be in the root of the drive, right click, Map network drive, assign it a letter and you’re done.

More issues my external databe is now corrupt 60k tracks gone inc all playlist im dont with the stress of this software now. Engine prime was fine for me with no issues at all for 1 year.

Now i have had a corrupt C drive which has taken all day to resolve, then the ext hd database corruption. including my back up drive both corrupt. It is far too stressful this and time consuming. The old basic software seemed far more stable.

I have literally spent months of man hours trying to just put a decent sized database together, nothing technical just simple, but the software does this to me all the time.

Now getting a brand SSD but how much do you go on throwing money at drives etc when it seems clear there is something wrong with this software somewhere?

The drive was even fine on the players at 2.01 but then soon as i plug it into my laptop and engine dj version 2.0.1 it corrupts almost immediately.

I am not brand new to this software either before anyone questions this. I have been using engine since the Prime 4 came out.

Problems with corruptions for me always happen as a new version of software is released and i plug my ext hd in. I am very near to the end of my patience. What is the answer just get a small 500gb drive and take a small part of your collecttion ?

I like to take plenty of music, due to doing parties wedding and club bar stuff. So i should not have to have a drive for each and like a big collection due to all the multi genres ican play. so a 2tb or even 4tb should be ok if thats what you prefer surely? This software is suppose to be top notch and produced by the best. Its simply not very good putting it frankly. .I have a prime go a prime 2 and a prime 4 so i am not messing around and have spent thousands.

I have a gig tomorrow and no music analysed whatsoever. So im trying to scramble just to get some tracks on a drive or usb.

Thank again Engine you have been fabulous !!!

Sorry to hear about your issues. I can’t imagine how stressful this is for you.

  1. As Engine DJ is in a state of rapid development there is a likelihood of things not going according to plan during the updates.

  2. What’s your back up plan for things like this?

My workflow

  1. As Engine DJ can read other databases, I keep a serato library

  2. This means I can wipe engine database easily, reimport serato and get going in a few hours if need be

  3. Obviously this may not suit your workflow

  4. Some folks maintain their playlists in iTunes for this reason as well