Corrupt data base


I’ve just got my prime 2 and installed a 1tb crucial ssd and formated it in fat 32. I have my library on my laptop which is 320gig which I’ve already scanned with engine prime. Over night I decided to stransfer my laptop library so in the morning it was complete which it was but when I tried to eject the drive after the transfer it said it was corrupt! My prime reads the drive all ok but having read some threads on here I decided to format and do again. This time it wouldn’t eject so I had to kill the laptop which has now left me thinking is it corrupt and will it crash and do I need to do something or am I doing something wrong?

Should I try exporting smaller files or will this not matter? Also with having my ssd drive installed after using the unit before turning off do I need to eject?

Any help or advice would be greatful.

Kind regards

Crispian Aldis

Try ExFat and see how you get on.

There is a strong chance that the Engine DB file that gets created is larger than the 4gb file size limit of Fat32

Thanks I will do. I have also split my folders down now to maximum 1000 tracks per folder and have scanned all my files making sure there are non in the red. Do we have any indication on maximum folder sizes?

Last night made my 1tb ssd exfat and it seemed quicker transferring my library a cross and once finished it ejected with no corrupt database.

Finges crossed so let’s see how I get on.

Thanks for the advice :blush:

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