Copy the "Engine Library" File

I would like to clarify a question, my internal SSD collection of my PRIME 4 is organized, with all my markings and creations, if I connect it to the notebook, copy the “engine library” file and paste it in the “my music” folder on the notebook I I will have a faithful copy of the P4 on my notebook, correct?

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no, you must import to your Engine DJ on your notebook with the sync function.

Yes, I know the tool, but I’ve had dozens of problems using it, doing it this way, I was able to copy all the content to my notebook’s SSD, 100% of the songs, let’s say 1% had problems with songs in red , I don’t understand why this happened, since everything else is perfect.

Now if you have problems with red songs, I recommend adjusting the view in Engine DJ and having the file path shown on the screen. Then you can check if the file is present or broken, red entries are defective or not present at the expected location.

I hope I can help Best René

Best way to have fun BACKUP YOUR DATA)

no backup no pity

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I dont use sync too. First i update my songs in my folders of my internal ssd. Then i open engine software and i modify my playlists. After finish the job then exit software and copy paste my internal ssd at my laptop.