Copy and paste into Auto Loops - unable to quantize / adjust beat grid?

I really like a few sections of an autoscripted track and I want to copy and paste them into an autoloop for future use, however when doing so the timing is off (sort of expected) but the issue is that I cannot find a way to:

a) set the tempo of the autoloop when editing or adding b) warp the pasted track information to get it aligned with the default beat grid c) know what tempo the auto loop beat grid is assigned (if any) d) delete and insert a beat grid

Can anyone provide guidance on this?


@DJRa yes the issue here is you are copying information from one beat grid with its own individual timing information to the Autoloop beat grid which is why you are seeing this issue.

This should be possible and something we would need to dive into to support this.

Regarding the Autoloop tempo if you hit the “Link” function top left of the screen you can then select a tempo for playing back your Autoloop in Edit Mode.

We also have an update coming very soon that I think will also be a big help with what you are wanting to achieve so keep an eye out for this.

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