Convert Spotify Playlists to Engine DJ Playlist


I noticed that the .db and .db-journal files that get created when exporting an Engine Library are basically just SQLite3 files. Is there any way that we can convert from Spotify playlist CSV files to one of these SQLite3 files? Does anybody know of any open source tools that could do this, or if the spec for EngineOS is publicly available? I’m a software engineer and would be interested in contributing towards a tool that can scrape a personal music library and its files / metadata / tags, match them up to playlists that I have in Spotify, and organize the EngineLibrary in the same way. Then I can have my playlists exported to my USB drive, and be in a familiarly organized environment when DJing with my Prime 4+!

If EngineOS is so powerful, we should be able to add features as simple as this.


Playlists from streaming services can be easily converted via online utilities such as Tune My Music (which I use to convert from Spotify to Tidal). Once the playlist is converted, it can be accessed in Tidal (for example) directly from the hardware.

Unfortunately Engine DJ desktop software has no access to streaming services, although many people have asked for this over the years.

Taking your point, it would be even better if we could download Tidal music directly to all in one equipment, I don’t understand why this isn’t possible yet, if we can download it to computers and smartphones, why don’t we have the option to download it on Prime 4 for For example, of course this would be linked to a premium subscription to the streaming service, it would be wonderful to be able to watch our playlists on Tidal, Amazon, Apple and download so we don’t depend on the Internet, downloads, etc.

Offline files for Tidal have just been implemented in VirtualDJ (top tier Tidal sub though) so the ball is in Denon’s court.


I’ve had good luck with an app called Soundiiz. It basically takes your playlist from X service and rebuilds it in Y service. This would then allow you to migrate say your Spotify playlist to Tidal and then just stream Tidal to EngineOS devices should you want.

Or you could even have it rebuild the playlists in something like Apple Music where you could purchase the tracks and save them locally.


We’re talking about converting playlists from one streaming service to another, not illegal recording.

I don’t know if this is what your looking for but Lexicon has the option to import Spotify / Tidal playlist and match them with your local Engine collection. So you can build automatically playlists with the songs you own.

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