Control One Touch Strip

I have a control one and for some reason, the touch strip appears to be disabled. It seems to respond when using the group faders on engine lighting. Does anyone know of a setting or similar that I may have inadvertently activated that may have caused this?

Hi @keithramsay - By default, the touch strip will control Autoloop intensity. When pressing the Autoloop intensity button (flashing) the touch strip will now control scripted track intensity. If you open SoundSwitch on your desktop in Edit mode, and then click on MIDI (top right), you should see the software faders moving up and down as you interact with the touch strip.

Do you see fader movement in the software?

Are the LED to the left of the touchstrip functioning?

Hi, thanks for your message. No, if I adjust the faders in Engine OS the strip lights react. The strip itself doesn’t seem to recognise touch. I’m sure it worked previously but I was finding that using the faders within engine lighting was more convenient so I hadn’t tried to use the touch strip for a while.

Does this mean the touch strip is likely to be faulty?

It may be, but I would contact Technical Support to confirm. You can also check with a MIDI application to see if any messages are being sent to the computer when touching the touch strip.

I did but they never replied!!