Control One and DMX IN

Hi all, I have a specific question with regards to the DMX IN of the Control One (“C1”) and need some confirmation of my current understanding: I have learnt, that I can “daisy chain” a C1 behind any existing DMX Source and that the data of both sources will be merged to one DMX Data-Stream (per universe). IS THIS CORRECT? Use case: I am DJing in a venue and can hook my C1 behind the venues DMX Mixer. I can then control the existing dancefloor fx lighting with my C1 but the ambience lighting is still controlled by the venues DMX Mixer, assuming all Fixtures are in the same universe. CORRECT??

If yes: What happens if the venues DMX Mixer and my C1 sends DMX Data to the very same fixture? Which controller has precedence?

I think there should be a set for HTP or LTP if it goes for signal merging.


Here is one for you

Hey Ihcra,

No, the DMX signals do not merge.

They are separate. Basically, if the Control One is connected and SoundSwitch or Engine Lighting is running, the Thru ports are closed and will not pass through any information.

As soon as you disconnect the Control One or shut down Engine Lighting/SoundSwitch the Thru Ports will open and let the DMX information flow through.

You can also set each port to USB or Thru using the Menu on the screen.

Thanks Mathew for clarification. So Control One does not merge…That’s a real pitty and would have been a real strong argument for me to buy this device. But maybe there will be some firmware in the future with a merge-function?? This would really be a cool feature for those DJs who are hooking up to exisiting light systems, consisiting of ambient light and FX light all in one Universe.

Meanwhile I’ll get me a DMX merger :upside_down_face:

Dmx merging would be very useful and welcome feature. Is there any chance for it to happen?

Zero chance, its a hard switch and doesn’t have the ability to merge.

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@Matthew.W Could you reply to the mail message I sent you two weeks ago please?

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