Control 1 question

Hi everyone i have a question that im struggling with ive searched the internet and cannot find the answer to this question anywhere I want to buy a soundswitch Control 1 to use with my Prime 4 but even the demo person couldnt even get it working let alone answer the question If i buy a unit at £255.00 and only want ot for friends and family events do i still need to pay for subscription as its quite a lot of money for not a lot of use , the other part to the question is , can you design scenes from the Control 1 as i dont want a laptop to be connected to the prime 4
Please help me if you can Paul

Hi, You need the laptop software to setup your DMX fixtures and scenes. When you’re done with that you don’t need to pay for the software anymore.

Only if you want to change something on your setup, subscribe for a month and you’re done again.

It works good and I use it as well with the control one.

Hi there. Can you confirm this? I was under the impression the software checks in with home base for a valid license. If you don’t have a current one (subscription) or a lifetime one, it will lock you out. I would love to be wrong here : )

If you use the generated soundswitch file with your Engine OS devices you don’t need to pay for the software.

If you want to use soundswitch on your computer you need to have a valid license.

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To use the Soundswitch software on your PC, you must always have a valid license (monthly or lifetime license). But the software on the PC will only be used when you need to make changes to your setup (as @Lukas-We has already written to you) or if you want to make custom scripts for each new track you add.

But if you always use the same autoloops, if your lights are always the same, if the new songs you add to your library don’t need the script (because you use autoloops), then you don’t need the software and you don’t need any license.

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Well this is great to hear! : ) I’ll be canceling that 8 bucks a month! haha Thanks!

I’m using the Control One with my Engine device.