Continuous play crossfade time not working for me in 2.0

Hi, I upgraded to 2.0 on my Prime 4. Autoplay/Continuous is a great feature for cocktail hour or for dinner at a wedding reception. I was happy that Denon added a “crossfade time” feature for continuous playlists. Unfortunately, I have not been able to make it work. I am setting the crossfade time at 10 seconds, loading a playlist, clicking on continuous and the songs still completely fade out before the next track starts. I have tried setting the slider from 1 second to 12 seconds and it does not seem to make a difference. Can anyone help me get this feature working properly? I appreciate the feedback…thanks!

Hi @TomS

The crossfade time is not for the regular continue function, but for dedicated playlist deck.

While in Library View, you can send the currently viewed file list to its own deck to play as a playlist.

To enable Playlist Deck, tap Play As Playlist in Library view. When enabled, the playlist on deck will play through the selected track list and automatically crossfade between each track according to the Playlist Deck Crossfade Time parameter in the Settings menu.

On this playlist deck crossfade time will work

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Thank you! I’ve been having the same issue. I usually have decks 3 & 4 turned off unless I need four decks. I turned them on and the “Play as playlist” now works.

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Hi @addie Thank you much for the response. I followed your instructions and it works perfectly on my system. I am hopeful this post will help others with the same question. All the best, Tom S.

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:+1:t2: Thank you

Glad you got it sorted.

For me, the playlist function serves no purpose at all. Continue was all that was necessary imo.

I only use Continue in a background setting & have it set for 0 seconds. The playlist function, fwiw, I have at 0 or 1s but will never use it. Even at 3s, let alone 10s or 12s, it sounds as a complete train wreck with colliding beats during the crossfade. Not for me :grin:

It’s a tool. Some will use it, some won’t. Works perfectly for me. I used it at a wedding last weekend. Bought time for me to eat during down time (couldn’t pass on that sirloin steak).

Personally, I never use SYNC. It takes the fun out of the art of DJing. But some swear by it.

Yes, playing continously whilst you have a break or whatever is vital & a great tool.

However, my point was what is the difference between Continue & the play as Playlist function? I see no difference

On the Prime 4 you have two different options:

  • CONTINUOUS PLAY: Will play track after track in order on any channel (1-4). Crossfade feature does not work in this mode.
  • PLAY AS A PLAYLIST: This is where the ZONE feature comes into play. This will play tracks in order WITH CROSSFADE either thru the Zone output or Channel 4. Pressing the CHANNEL ASSIGN button in the Zone controls will send the output to Zone only or turn off Channel Assign to have the output go thru Master and Zone.

Test it out.


Idea: Play as playlist should be available on any channel, not just channel 4! And there should be a feature to “relay” between these lists, either Continuously, or Singly (one song at a time from each list). Just my $.02. (