Contacting Support

Is there actually a Denon DJ support contact for the UK anywhere?? Even the support page of this site doesnt ■■■■■■■ work properly. Trying to log a ticket, and get this message in the image attached. Says proof of purchase not submitted. There isnt even an option to submit one!! Complete and utter dog ■■■■ support so far from Denon. Genuinely had enough now.

did you try

No because that isnt shown anywhere on the support page of this website. The support form on it is what I tried and it doesnt work… like a fair amount of Denon stuff at the moment :frowning:

Have you actually registered your Denon DJ products on the site?

Ive registered my players with Denon, yes. Why do I need to register them here though? There isnt even an option to input any registration info on this sites support page anyway. Even if there was, my complaint is about Engine Prime software.