Connection with Prime and TimeCode Manual?

Ok, looking at getting into TimeCode but there is so little information available. I’m looking to understand first, how the physical connection is to the Prime system (I have 2x SC5000’s and 1x X1800) and the system running TimeCode. Is it through ethernet? If so, is any additional equipment needed? Our setup is to try and use the SC5000 and X1800 setup to sync with Pangolin Beyond for laser usage, which is running on a laptop, which is controlled by a controller (APC40).

I can’t see anything about this on the either SC5000 or X1800 manuals about this connection nor can I ever find a TimeCode manual, so I’m hoping someone can help me evaluate this solution before I spend money on TimeCode just to find out I need more to make it all work together.



Correct, the connection is through ethernet. You can just connect the computer running timecode to the PC output on the mixer. The players will get automatically recognized and will show up in the timecode interface. Since this is a 3th party software, we don’t have this in our manual. We provide the network functions towards them and they write the interface and functionalities on their side.

Feel free to contact them directly or visit their website at

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Thanks, quick clarification, and if I’m missing this in the manual please let me know. Is it a straight ethernet cable connection from the mixer to the PC running timecode or does it need to go through a network switch first?

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No extra hardware needed, a direct connection will work.

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